NIKOLAI GUMILEV (1886-1921) Two typed texts from the mid-20th century with works by N. Gumilev: Otravlennaya Tunika [Poisoned Tunic] Derevo Prevrashcheniy [Tree of Transformations]

Lot 761
Otravlennaya Tunika [Poisoned Tunic]: A Tragedy in Five Acts. Unknown place, unknown year. 65 pages; 28.5 x 22 cm. Derevo Prevrashcheniy [Tree of Transformations]: A Play in Three Acts for Children / N. Gumilev. Unknown place, unknown year. - 40 pages; 21x16 cm. Owner's covers made of thick paper. Enclosed in a modern case with a gold-stamped leather spine. 'The Poisoned Tunic' is the only known dramatic work by Gumilev not printed in Russia, written in 1917-18. First published in the book 'Unpublished Gumilev' (New York, 1952). The typed text of the tragedy, along with several other unpublished works, was brought to Paris in 1931 by M. Artemyev (Brensted). In 1918, the first Children's Theater 'Communal' opened in Petrograd. And the first play staged there was 'The Tree of Transformations.'