ALEXANDER BLOK (1880-1921) Za gran'yu proshlykh dney: Stikhotvoreniya [Beyond the Past Days: Poems]. St. Petersburg: Izd. Z. Grzhebina, 1920.

Lot 749
96 p.; 16 cm. Edition of 14,000 copies. Publisher's typographic cover. Good condition. Ownership's inscription 'Vityukhanu - for Kostyan. Boris. 7/II/21.' on the title page. From the preface to the edition: 'The poems printed in this book date back to 1898-1903. Many of them were later revised, so they cannot be attributed to either this early or later time. Therefore, they are not included in the first volume of my 'Poems.' The title of the book is borrowed from Fet's poems, which were once a guiding star for me.' Bibliography: Turchinsky. p. 82; Rozanov. No. 2283; Lesman. No. 344.