ALEXANDER I (1801-1825) - Emperor of All Russia Vysochaishiy manifest imperatora Aleksandra I o zaklyucheniye Fridrikhsgamskogo mirnogo dogovora Rossii so Shvetsiey. [Supreme Manifesto of Emperor Alexander I on the Conclusion of the Treaty of Peace of Fredrikshamn between Russia and Sweden.]

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Printed in St. Petersburg: at the Senate, October 4, 1809. - [4] p. Minor soiling, loss of a fragment of the white field in the corner of p. 3-4. The manifesto of Emperor Alexander I, issued on October 1, 1809, announced to the Russian people the end of the last war with Sweden in Russian history. The Treaty of Peace of Fredrikshamn was a peace treaty signed on September 5 (17), 1809, in Fredrikshamn by representatives of the Russian Empire on one side and the Kingdom of Sweden on the other. It concluded the Russo-Swedish (Finnish) War of 1808-1809, the main outcome of which was the incorporation of Finland into the Russian Empire as an autonomous principality.