JULES CHARLES-ROUX (1841-1918) Memories of the Past - COSTUME IN PROVENCE VOLUME II: The Modern Period. 1907. With a sonnet by Frédéric Mistral.

Lot 664
A.Lemerre, Paris - A.Rey et Cie, Lyon, P.Ruat, Marseille, 1907. Copy n°29, on Manufactures Impériales du Japon paper. Limited edition of 600 copies. 1 copy on China paper, N°1 - 99 copies on Japon paper, N°2 to 100 - 500 copies on wove paper. 1 volume in folio paperback of 241 pp + 1ff of table/ 15 colour plates out of text including twelve by Léo Lelée and 338 original drawings and illustrations in the text. Cover illustrated in colour by L. Ollier. Printed on 20 August 1907 by A.Rey et Cie imprimeurs-éditeurs, Lyon. Good condition inside but spine cracked, torn (but not missing), spine split at tail. Chapters: V-Costume in different parts of Provence at the beginning of the nineteenth century. VI-The costume of Mireille. VII-Contemporary Provençal costume. VIII-Arlesian costume and artists. IX. The glorification of costume: Festo Vierginenco. Table of out-of-text illustrations, portraits, miscellaneous illustrations, names cited, places cited, names of clothing and costume accessories. 32.5 x 25.5 x 3 cm