EMMANUEL LOOTEN (1908-1974), AUTOGRAPH LUCIO FONTANA (1899-1968) Vers le point Omega [Towards the Omega point] 'Concetto spaziale' by Lucio Fontana on the cover. Paris, Jean Grassin Éditeur, 1963

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40th work in the 'Originale' Collection Handwritten dedication signed by Emmanuel Looten, 4/67, on flyleaf. In 8. Paperback, loose boards, 54 pp. 2p Table of poems. Original edition on Alfa paper. Issue number 437, 2nd quarter 1963. Edition not mentioned, 500 copies. In French. 19 x 14 cm Lucio Fontana designed this strong cardboard cover made up of three sheets of paper, white, red and white, with 4 holes through which the red paper appears on the white paper. The line framing the holes and the artist's signature are printed. Each hole made individually for each copy is therefore different. This places this cover somewhere between a multiple and an original work by Lucio Fontana. Bibliography: Harry Ruhé & Camillo Rigo, Lucio Fontana: Graphics, Multiples and More, Ed. Tuja Books, p. 16.