Lot 624
Autograph manuscript of preparatory notes for the Scenario Freud, 42 autograph lines spread over 5 in4 pages, graph paper, notes numbered 9 to 20 and 3 unnumbered notes. Good condition, a few small marginal chips or tears. In 1958, the American director John Huston asked Sartre to write a screenplay about Freud, and more precisely about the conflicted period of discovery when Freud, abandoning hypnosis, invented psychoanalysis. The following year, he submitted a voluminous script to Huston, who asked him to rework it and make cuts. In the end, Sartre gave up and demanded that his name not appear in the credits of the film Freud, the Secret Passion, made in 1961. 'Le scénario Freud' was published in 1984 by Gallimard Connaissance De L'inconscient (Preface by Jean-Bertrand Pontalis). Note 3) 'FREUD's Misanthropy - His fear of being a perverse adult himself - the relationship between his new doctrine and his character'. Note 9) First essay on the analytical method - interpretation of a dream - study of language. Note 11) New case of rape by an adult discovered by analysis Freud decides to give a lecture. Note 20) 'Freud and his relationship to his fathers - He became an adult on the death of his father'. Jean-Paul Sartre - French philosopher and writer, representative of the existentialist movement, he left his mark on the intellectual and political life of France from 1945 to the end of the 1970s.