PUSHKIN ALEXANDER (1799-1837) Stikhotvoreniya [Poems]: in 4 parts. Part 1-2. St. Petersburg: Tipo. Depart. Narod. Prosv. [Department of Public Education], 1829

Lot 796
- Part 1. 224 p.; Part 2. 176 p. Edition of 1,200 Two period bindings in full leather with gold ornamental embossing on the spine and both covers, endpapers with gold-stamped border, triple gilt edges. An owner's signature by E. Pavlova on the second flyleaf The first edition of the poet's collected poems. The edition was planned in four parts. By that time, there were only enough completed poems for the first two parts, which were published one after another in May and June of 1829. The third part was published in 1832, and the final, fourth part in September 1835. The release of the first two parts of Pushkin's collection of poems was praised by the contemporary press but did not reach Pushkin either in Moscow or St. Petersburg. On May 1st, the poet left for the Caucasus without seeking permission from the government and stayed there until autumn. Bibliography: Sm.-Sok. No. 1007; Sm.-Sok. Pushkin. No. 20; Rozanov No. 1371.