LOUIS-NAPOLEON III BONAPARTE (1808-1876) Letter of Napoleon III on the organization of the Franch army with long personal reflections about military tactics with many details. Secret document for his minister of war. Secret document for his minister of war.

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Letter signed "Napoleon" with autograph compliments (2 lines) to Marshal Niel. St-Cloud, November 22, 1867 6 pp. on 2 double sheet in-4, crowned number “N” stamped in the corner, golden edges. In French. Extraordinary letter from Louis-Napoleon III Bonaparte to his Minister of War, on the organization of the French Army, based on the experience of the last wars of the Empire (Crimea and Mexico); taken under the dictation by Pietri, his private secretary, it is a rare document in which reveals all the military thought of the Emperor who poses as a real reformer by wanting to review the tactics of the army and personally confident his feelings on the subject. This document also shows the concerns of Louis-Napoléon III before the rise of Prussia and his army, three years before the War of 1870. Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, known as Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, was Emperor of the French from 1852 to 1870 and was officially dismissed by the National Assembly on 1 March 1871. He was the single president of the Second Republic, the first French head of state elected by universal male suffrage on 10 December 1848, the first president of the French Republic and, after the proclamation of the Empire on 2 December 1852, the last monarch of the country under the name of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French.