Russkoe poslovitsy i pogovorki v risunkah Mikhaila Vaznetsova [RUSSIAN PROVERBS AND SAYINGS IN THE DRAWINGS OF VIKTOR MIKHAILOVICH VASNETSOV]; Scientific-explanatory text written by I.K. Lindeman. 2nd revised edition. M.: A. A. Levenson Publishing House, [1913].

Lot 380
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- [16] p., 75 s. proverbs, [3] p.; 24.5x32 cm. In publisher’s art full cloth binding. In good state of preservation, some minor rubbing of binding. With a facsimile of V.M. Vasnetsov foreword: «All the pictures in this notebook, executed by me in Vyatka in 1866, 67 and 68 years for Mr. Trapitsyn. V.M.Vasnetsov. Moscow. 1910. December 25th». The album was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the prominent painter and contains 75 reproductions of drawings by V.M. Vasnetsov. The drawings in the album are related to the earliest period of his creative work and were made by Viktor Vasnetsov before he entered the Academy of Arts when he was a student in Vyatka Seminary.