A RARE RUSSIAN FLINTLOCK HUNTING RIFLE Customized model, 1750 - 1770s.

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Master’s name inscribed ‘IVAN PERMYAK’ inscription: ‘ROSIIA II and TOSSCIA’ and number ‘4’ Russia, St. Petersburg and Italy (the barrel) Overall length - 137.5 cm; barrel - 100.3 cm; caliber - 1.77 cm The rifle consists of a stock, a barrel, a flintlock and a silver instrument. Wooden ramrod with a horn tip. The barrel is steel, round, smooth, ½ octahedral from the treasury. As an aiming device, the gun on the upper edge of the barrel is equipped with a steel front sight, without a rear sight. The shank is decorated with an engraved floral ornament, the number “4” is stamped on it. On the upper edge of the barrel in the breech there is an inscription: “ROSIIA II and TOSSCIA” (Italian city of Rosia in Tuscany, Provincia di Siena), two poorly visible marks in a rectangle. The trigger guard is wooden, figured, carved, with sub-tide tide, reinforced with a silver ornamented strip fastening over it. The trigger is made of steel, fixed on the axis (transverse pin). There is an engraved inscription of the name of the master - manufacturer: “IVAN PERMYAK”. The butt of a rifle is carved, figured, with a silver back plate with a curved needle, decorated with engraved floral ornaments all over the surface. A silver ornamented shield with the coat of arms of the Russian count is mounted on the neck of the buttstock. Condition: very good