HANS GURADZE (1861–1922) Russian Troika with a young couple

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signed ‘C. Guradze’(on the pedestal) bronze, casting, patina 46 x 15.5 cm, H circa 19 cm Base in marble 51 x 20 x 7 cm The German sculptor Hans Guradze was born in Silesia and was educated at the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin and Dresden. The sculptor’s creative fate was connected with Berlin, where he created numerous sculptural compositions. The sculptor was especially attracted to the theme of depicting horses - it would become the leading theme in his work. Gouradze’s works were exhibited several times in the 1890s at academic exhibitions, as well as at an exhibition in Munich in 1898. The Russian school of sculpture had a considerable influence on his art. The subject of Gouradze’s works was often the Russian troika - a symbol of national traditionalism.