SEM (GOURSAT GEORGES, 1863-1934) Albums of caricatures, [Autograph]

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Set of portfolio albums containing preparatory plates partially colored or heightened with white, some pasted on cardboard, presenting for some handwritten annotations of edition, and prints belonging to several albums, of which: - Album N°9 - Paris, Le Turf - June 1900 - 20 plates on paper, 51 x 36 cm; - Album N°10 - Paris, Trouville - October 1900 - Préface with autographed dedication by SEM to Jane Derval «à Mademoiselle Jane Derval Affectueusement Sem» and 15 plates, 53 x 37 cm (one on board); - Album 14 - Paris - December 1904 - 24 plates on paper, 36 x 52 cm Provenance: Collection of Jane Derval Private collection, Monaco SEM was an illustrator, poster artist, caricaturist, social columnist and French writer. Numerous famouse personalities of Parisian life are represented in the of the caricatures, such as the prince Murat, the prince Galitzine, the Princes Poniatowsky and Troubetzskoy, the duchess of Uzès, the duke of Morny, the duke of La Force, the barons of Rothschild and Gunsbourg; Boni de Castellane; also some painters: Giovanni Boldini, Leonetto Cappiello, Otero, Liane de Pougy, Réjane.