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[SIGNED BY THE PUBLISHER A. TUCHKOV] History of the Life Guards cavalry regiment. [Paris]: Book print. S.S. Beloselsky-Belozersky, 1961.

I: [Text]. - [6], 40 p.; II: [Albums]: 1. Uniforms of the regiment. - 25 p. il.; 2. Persons of the Imperial family who were listed in the lists of the cavalry guards. - 47 p. il.; 3. Imperial palaces and other historical buildings. - 23 p. il.; 4. Memorable days in the life of cavalry guards. - 7 p. il.; 5. Portraits of cavalry guards. - 34 p. il.; 6. Four generations of cavalry guards. 14 p. il.; 7. Art works related to the cavalry guards. 11 p. il.; 8. Cavalry guard palaces and estates. -19 p. il.; 9. The regiment’s caserns. 9 p. il.; 10. Life of the cavalry guards in peacetime. 32 p. il.; 11. Cavalry guards: Cavalry guards during the war. 9 p. il.; 12. Life of cavalry guards in emigration and additional sheets. - 15 p. il.; 34,5 x 27,5 cm. - 300 numbered copies. Copy №100. One note - book with text in an ornamental publishing cover, twelve ornamental folders with illustrations on separate sheets. In a publishing case with a chromolithographed sticker on the top cover by the artist B.S. Zvorykin. The book set was published on the day of the regimental holiday in 1961.
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