TROTSKY L.D. (1879-1940) Organization of the Red army: Trotsky’s Report on the 5th All-Russia Congress of Soviets of the Delegates of the R.S.K. and K.M.: Print. of the Central Executive Committee of Soviets of the R.S.K. and K. Deputies. Military. dep., 1918.

Lot 351
- 24 p.; 20, 5x14 cm. No cover. Shabby pages, marginal fragments of the pages missing. Trotsky led the Red army from March 14, 1918 first as people’s Commissar of military affairs and then as well as a Commissar of naval affairs. Until 1925 the Bolshevik propaganda considered Lev Trotsky as ‘one of the leaders of the Red Army’. The opponents treated him as the ‘military leader’ of Bolshevism.