Lot 606:
25 000 30 000

MARLENE DIETRICH (1901-1992) EDDY MAROUANI (1921-2002) Important collection of autograph letters, documents and photographs (part 1)

Collection including, among other pieces, an important part of the Marlene Dietrich & Eddy Marouani (her impresario) archives with more than sixty original letters / messages, most of them autographed and signed by Marlene, several photos of Marlene Dietrich, including one signed, and more than one hundred documents, originals and copies, including the original contract with the Olympia in Paris (for her singing tour which started on April 26, 1962) signed by Marlene on January 9, 1962, the catalogue, with notes by Marlene, of the auction sale «Bijoux et créations d’artistes», of November 25, 1990 in Paris of Marlene Dietrich’s stage jewellery collection.