EMMANUEL EVZERIKHIN (1911-1984) Kremlin panorama. Set «Moscow» 1930s.

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Stamps «Photographer E.N. Evzerikhin», «Photo of Emmanuel Evzerikhin (heirs)», inscription: «From the family archive of E. Evzerikhin» (on the reverse) Gelatin silver print Printed in 1950s 51 x 35 cm Emmanuel Noevich Evzerikhin (1911-1984) was a photojournalist, a classic of Soviet photography. Working in Moscow, Evzerikhin had the opportunity to photograph the major events of the era: the Congress of the Comintern and the Congress of Soviets, which adopted the Constitution; construction, Arctic expeditions and sports parades. He photographed M. Gorky, M. I. Kalinin; famous pilots - V. P. Chkalov, M. M. Gromov, prominent workers of culture and art. During the war he photographed on many fronts. His best known photos were the ones taken in Stalingrad. After the war, working for TASS.