YERSHOV P.P. (1815-1869) The Magic Humpbacked Horse: a Russian fairy tale.

Lot 308
Berlin: O. Kirchner & Co., 1922. - 128 p., [10] p. il.; 25, 5x19, 5 cm. 3500 copies printed. With full-color illustrations based on drawings by the artist G. O. Shlicht. In the publishing cardboard binding. The block is separated from the binding and splits into notebooks. Georg Oskarovich Schlicht (1886-1964) - painter, architect. He participated in the design of performances as a theater artist: the ballet «Firebird» by I. F. Stravinsky, the operas «Boris Godunov» by M. P. Musorgsky, «Sadko» and «Golden Cockerel» by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. He was engaged in book graphics, illustrations for magazines («Firebird». 1922. No. 7). Author of illustrations for the German and Russian editions of books: «The Magic Humpbacked Horse» By P. P. Ershov (1922), «A Thousand and one nights» (1928), «Tales of A. S. Pushkin».