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1) A handwritten letter. Munich, August 5, 1912 The letter answers the addressee’s question about the possibility of purchasing the «Improvisation No. 3.» «Improvisation No. 3.» - one of the artist’s important works, was created in 1909 in the style of Expressionism. It is now in the collection of the Georges Pompidou Cultural Center. 2) Kandinsky: 1901-1913. Berlin: Verlag Der Sturm, 1913 Rarity. A retrospective album of art works by W. Kandinsky for the period 1901-1913. In October 1912 the artist had his first solo exhibition in the gallery of the Berlin association «Der Sturm». Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) is one of the greatest Russian artists of the XXth century. One of the founders of the «Blue Rider» group.