NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH (Junior; 1856-1929), AUTOGRAPH A handwritten letter addressed to count Alexey Vasilievich Olsufyev (1831-1915).

Lot 280
Bezzabotnoe village. August 12, 1913. 3 p. 20, 7x17, 5 cv. On the monogram letterhead. Folding traces. Reply letter expressing his opinion about the memories of his father, compiled by A. V. Olsufyev. He also informs that the monument to his father, Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich the elder (1831-1891), will be opened in December, and the consecration will take place in January. The Bezzabotnoe estate, which the Prince received as a wedding gift, was located in St. Petersburg, between Strelna and Krasnoye Selo. A bronze equestrian statue of the Grand Duke on a high artistic pedestal was unveiled on January 12, 1914 on Manezhnaya square in Petrograd. The equestrian figure was cast after the prototype of the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. The monument commemorating the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 was commenced on February 19, 1913, the year of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Emperor Nicholas II attended both events. The monument was dismantled in 1918. Count Alexey Vasilievich Olsufyev (1831-1915) - Russian General and philologist from the Olsufev family, son of V. D. Olsufyev, owner of the Yershovo estate near Moscow. In 1855-1863, he was an adjutant of Grand Duke Nicholas the elder.