ALEXEY ALEXANDROVICH (1850-1908), Grand Duke Cabinet photo of the Grand Duke in the uniform of an Admiral of the Navy of the Russian Empire with the order of St. George.

Lot 273
SPb.: Tsar court photographer C. I. Bergamasco, circa 1885, Branded Passepartout. 16X11,5 cm. Grand Duke Alexey Alexandrovich (1850-1908) was the fourth son of Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria Alexandrovna. Member of the State Council, Senior Commander of the Navy and Maritime Department, and Chairman of the Admiralty Council, the last Admiral-General of the Russian Empire. Karl Ivanovich Bergamasco (1830-1896) was a Russian photographer of Italian origin. He was one of the most fashionable and successful portrait painters of the XIX century. Bergamasco’s works have won gold and silver medals at exhibitions in Russia and Europe. In 1863, Bergamasco became the «photographer of the Imperial theaters». In 1865, he was appointed «photographer of His Imperial Highness Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich» (the elder). In 1896, Bergamasco was going to film the coronation of Nicholas II, but died several days before.