TREPOV DMITRY FEDOROVICH (1855-1906), MAJOR GENERAL Certificate issued by the Chancellery of the Moscow police chief, Executive department.

Lot 269
July 16, 1904, No. 12535. The form of the Ministry of interior. 35x22, cm. With stamp of the Moscow police chief and signed by Major General D.F. Trepov. It was handed to Ivan Nikolaevich Zhuchkov who started his military service to prove that he ‘had never been tried or under investigation or suspected in illegal actions by the police’. Dmitry Fedorovich Trepov (1855-1906) - Major General, served as Moscow police chief. One of the most respectful and active fighters against the revolutionary movement and socialism. Deputy Minister of Interior, head of police and commander of the Separate corps of gendarmes (April 1905), in the most stressful time in October, 1905, Trepov was appointed commandant of the Peterhof Palace and the head of the guard of Nicholas II.