SAMOKISH N.S. (1860-1944) Scenes from the life of the Guards Cavalry.

Lot 257
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St. Petersburg: A. Il’in, 1889-1890. Two livraisons large folio (50.3 cm x 34 and 53.2 x 35.6 cm). 16 chromolithographed plates loose as issued, including the printed wrappers. Lightly frayed at edges. Impressive visual record of one the most prestigious Russian regiments. A very good, complete example. Rare such as many plates have ended up in a frame. Samokish’s excellent illustrations include: officers of the Guards Cavalry Regiment, His Majesty’s Cuirassier, Cossacks from His Majesty’s Regiment, and from the Tsarevich Regiment, and Dragoons, Hussars, Lancers, and others. (+) This lot is under temporary importation and is subject to import tax (EU).