LAZOVSKY G., PHOTOGRAPHER, AUTOGRAPH JACOBI V. (1834-1902), ARTIST, AUTOGRAPH 6 photographs of well-known russian paintings.

Lot 243
36х25, 21х27, 49х30 cm 6 large-format photographs of famous Russian works of art. Glued to the mat. 36х25, 21x27, 49x30 cm. Three pictures of the artist Valery Jacobi (1834-1902). Two of the photographs have autographs, presumably of the artist: «Jesters at the Court of the Empress Anna Ioannovna» (1872). (1872), «The Ice House (The Wedding of the Jesters in the Ice House on Neva during the reign of the Empress Anna Ioannovna» (1878), and «A.P. Volynsky at a cabinet meeting» (1889). One photograph is from a painting of V. Vasnetsov, the Vladimir church in Kiev «Bliss of paradise» (Adam and Eve)» with the photographer’s dedicatory inscription, dated 1897.