Lot 222
Comprises the lives and deeds of patriarchs, tsars, emperors and kings; great military commanders, ministers and city mayors; gods and heroes of ancient paganism; the popes, teachers of Church; philosophers of ancient and latest centuries, historians, poets, orators, theologians, jurisprudents, physicians and others, describing their main writing works; women -scientists, skilled artists and other painters, and generally of all noble and glorified persons of all ages and lands, containing all the curiosity of the worthiest and most useful data of sacred and secular history; historical dictionaries translated from French with attachment herewith acts and lives of the all-Russian grand princes and tsars, and other monarchs and persons famous by their courage, heroic deeds and distinguished talents for the welfare, prosperity and glory of their Motherland.: [in 14 parts]. M.: University printing house of V. Okorokov, 1790-1798. - Part 8: [Lida - Marse]. 1792. - 671, [1] p.; 22х14,5 cm. Whole-leather binding of the time. Decorated endpapers. Red-tinted edge. Some fragments of leather on spine and lid corners missing. Bibliography: SK XVIII. №236 (vol. 4); Bitovt. №2284; Sopikov. №10400.