Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993) collection

Lot 194
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1) Two posters of Rudolf Nureyev’s ballet «Don Juan». Black and white glossy print, no frame. 57.5x37 cm. 2) Poster of Rudolf Nureyev in the ballet «The King and I». Full color printing, cardboard, gold colored wood frame, red velour frame. 52x37 cm. 3) A bronze medal with a profile of Rudolf Nureyev by sculptor Dora de Pederi-Hunt. 1976 Bronze, cast, patinated. Engraving: «Dora de Pederi-Hunt» (on the reverse). Dimensions: 10x13 cm. 4) Four Magazines (includingNewsweek with Nureyev on coverpage ‘Aids and the Arts’ - January 18, 2003 Notes in red ink. 4 pages; Article in French “Le Ballet du Theatre Kirov de Leningrad. 8 pages; Postcard to R. Nureyev. 22x16 cm; Postcard Einladung; One photo and 5 pages of Documents in French;Collection of photos, postcards, articles: one letter to Nureyev from colleagues; one letter from John Dexter (Metropolitan Opera Association), jone letter to Nureyev from National Ballet of Canada; one passport copy of R. Nureyev; Letter to Nureyev from Baricz G. 1 December 1978; Article “Nureyev pays tribute to Diaghilev” by Moira Hogson. 7 pages, plus letter to Nureyev; Newspaper pages with R. Nureyev photos in German Letter to Nureyev in English (Xmas Day) Rudi about publishing of a book; Letter from John Gabriei (The world of art); Magazine page with Ad; Article print out in French. 9 pages; Diploma for R. Nureyev in Spanish. 1976; Photo album. Gift from fans to R. Nureyev Provenance: Private property of Douce François Christie’s auction, Paris, 19 - 20 December 2006 Private collection Personal belongings of Rudolf Nureyev and his immediate circle from the collection of his closest friend Douce François Douce François, French of Chilean origin, was a devoted friend of Rudolf Nureyev. She met Nureyev when she lived with Raimundo de Larrain, director of the Marquis de Cuevas Ballet Company. The young woman was immediately absorbed by Rudolph and offered him to stay with her at her place; she hosted him until he bought his own apartment in 1982. She selected his clothes, brewed his tea in a thermos, answered his phone, arranged his meetings, ran antique stores for him, accompanied him to parties, and she also was his personal driver. Provenance of the collection: Christie’s auction, Rudolf Nureyev Memorabilia, provenant de la succession de Madame Douce Francois, Paris, 19 - 20 December 2006.