Porcelain Cup with a portrait of T. B. Potemkina Prince N. B. Yusupov’s Porcelain studio in Arkhangelsk, 1831

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Blank of the factory of A. Popov blue underglaze mark in Cyrillic ‘АП’ marked with gold: ‘Archangelski 1831’ height – 12,5 cm Provenance: Private collection, Normandy Tatiana Borisovna Potemkina (1797-1869), nee Princess Golitsyn, grand-niece of Prince N. B. Yusupov. Wife of A.M. Potemkin. She was known as a generous benefactor, the first chairman of the Ladies ‘ Prison Committee. A miniature portrait of T. Potemkina kept in the collection of the Princes Kurakin was used as a sample for the painting on porcelain Alike ‘Yusupovs’ cup, also dated 1831, with a similar portrait, different in cup shape and ornament is being stored in the State museum ‘Kuskovo’