RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT IMPERIAL PRESENTATION KOVSH, a present of Empress Anna Ioanovna St Petersburg, circa 1737

Lot 158
80 000100 000
Mark for St Petersbourg under a double-headed eagle, maker’s and assays’ marks in Cyrillic and date ‘1737’ Silver, carved, engraved, gilt Length 30.5 cm Weight 570 gr WITH CARVED INSCRIPTION IN OLD RUSSIAN LANGUAGE: ‘The Sovereign Empress of All the Russias Empress Anna Ioannovna presents this ladle to the Ataman of Zimovaya Stanitsa of Astrakhan Ekim Petrov, on the 9th day of April 1737.’ Silver-gilt kovsh of traditional oval shape with raised prow and handle, interior adorned with a an imperial double-headed eagle surrunded by chases scrolling folliage, the exterior sides chased with dedication and a date, the finial is surmounted by a double-headed eagle.