An icon ‘The Resurrection - Descent into Hades with Feasts’ and evangelical events in stamps Rural area of Vladimir region, late 19th century

Lot 140
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Wood, gesso, gold leaf, tempera 36 х 31,5 сm Condition: good preservation, no restoration. Such a composition - the arrangement of the feasts in the stamps on the sides of the central image - is known in Russia since the second half of the 16th century. And it was already widespread in the 17th century. The main idea and central composition of the icon is devoted to the triumphant victory of Christ over death. The Twelve Great Feasts are the twelve most important feasts in Orthodoxy. Dedicated to the events of the earthly life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Of considerable collector’s interest as an image executed in the «solemn» style with miniature painting in numerous stamps.