Jacques Coquerel (b. 1933) (i) Camel in the desert, (ii) Aboriginal man

Lot 585
watercolour on paper (i) signed and dated ‘J Coquerel 62’ (lower right) (ii) signed and dated ‘J Coquerel 63’ (lower left) (i) 33 x 50 cm, (ii) 49,5 x 32,5 cm Born in Barcelona, artist and illustrator Ignasi Visal was the son of the writer Cosme Vidal i Rosich (known as «Josep Aladern». In 1939 Vidal immigrated to Monaco because of the Spanish Civil War. He had personal exhibitions in Barcelona (1931, 1932), Monte Carlo (1941, 1958), a retrospective in Nice (1959) in Alabama in 1979, and participated in group exhibitions such as: Salons de Printemps, Barcelona and Salons d’Automne, Madrid (1931, 1932, 1933), Salons d’Automne in Paris (1948-1952), Salons de Malmaison (1982). Ignasi Vidal was a vice-president of the UNESCO Comite d’Arts Plastiques for Monaco.