IRINA YUSUPOVA (1895-1970)

Lot 285
A handwritten letter. Kharkov, undated. 4 p., 15x11,3 cm. She expresses to the addressee, Irina Alexandrovna, her condolences on the death of Prince Sumarokov: «...If you would believe how I suffer for you! My God, when I heard the sorrowful news that count Sumarokov died in Kiev, I wanted to run to You, fall on my knees before You and scream, scream about the blatant injustice of this vulgar and dirty world, which did not spare either Your holy, deep feelings, or the one who will live forever beautiful and bright in our memory...» Irina Alexandrovna Romanova (1895-1970) - Princess of Imperial blood, в in marriage Princess Yusupova, Countess Sumarokova-Elston.