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A COLLECTION OF BIOGRAPHIES OF THE CAVALRY GUARDS: [1724-1899] On the occasion of the centenary of Her Majesty the Empress Maria Feodorovna’s cavalry regiment; comp. under the editorship of S. Panchulidzev: in 4 vols. St. Petersburg: expedition of preparation of state papers, 1901-1908. vol. 1: 1724-1762. – 1901. – XVI, 370 p.: Il., portr., 1 p. portr.; Vol. 2: 1762-1801. – 1904. – XX, 470 p.: Il., portr.; Vol. 3: 1801-1826. – 1906. – X, 402 p.: Il., portr.; Vol. 4: 1826-1908. – 1908. – XIV, 436 C.: ill., portr. 1 p. portr.; 35,6x27,4 cm. In four publisher’s all-leather bindings with silver and colorful lettering. The flyleaf is covered with paper with an ornament of Maltese crosses. Red tinted edges. Minor soiling of covers, fading the edges of the book spine. The flyleaf has an engraved bookplate «Ex collectio Mollo». Provenance: Yevgeny Semyonovich Mollo (1904-1985) - graphic artist, military historian, collector. As a volunteer, he participated in the Civil war, served as a cadet in the river fleet of the army of A. I. Denikin. From 1924 he lived in London. In th