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1) A handwritten letter addressed to the French art critic Louis de Fourcaud. Saint Petersburg, October 12 [1884]. 3 p. 8°. the First page with the monogram «PCH». In French. «...You will forgive me, I hope, if, tired to excess by rehearsals for my opera, I can only send you these few lines in response to your kind and friendly letter. I am deeply touched by the kindness you wish to show me, and I thank you with all my heart for all your good wishes. As I will probably be going to Moscow in a fortnight, it is to this town that the proofs of my piece [2] should be sent. I promise to correct and return them forthwith...» This is a piano piece «Impromptu Caprice», which Louis de Fourcault requested from the composer for publication in the Parisian magazine Le Gaulois. Louis de Boussès Fourcaud (1851-1914) was a French journalist, art critic, collector, and educator. He was an influential figure in the cultural life of Paris. Provenance: the Autograph was auctioned by J. A. Stargard in 1944. Published: Tchaikovsky P. I. Complete works. Moscow, 1970. Vol. 12: Letters (1883-1884). P. 461. 2) Portrait photo of P.I. Tchaikovsky. 1880-1890. 16, 5x10, 5 cm. On passepartout. The corners of passepartout are deformed.