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Regulations on awards established on April 17, 1831 by Chamberlain P. N. Demidov. - ed. 1851 St. Petersburg, 1851. - 27 p.; 24x16 cm. Title page and text in parallel in Russian and French. In «s ilent» publishing cover. The history of personal awards commenced in 1831, when the Chamberlain P. N. Demidov (1798-1840) established the Demidov prize «for the promotion and success of science, literature and industry in their homeland». Pavel Nikolaevich impowered the Imperial Academy of Sciences with the right to present awards. The Academy received 20,000 rubles each year for promoting the best works and 5,000 rubles for encouraging «authors of the most excellent works, which enriched Russian literature during the previous year». In 1851, the prize was awarded to the surgeon N. I. Pirogov and the hydrographer M. F. Reinecke.