Lot 206
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1 sheet, folded in half. 25x20,5cm. In French. On reverse: `To Mr. baron Von Pirh in Moscow`. Wax imprint of P.A. Zubov`s seal. Zubov informs his son in law that he has got his letter and ever happy to see him in his estate. At the end he asks him to kiss Sophia and her `little girl`. Zubov Platon Alexandrovich (1767-1822). Statesman, Empress Catherine II favorite. Member of plot against Emperor Paul I. Baron Carl Carlovich Pirh (1788-1822). Russian military figure, member of Patriotic war 1812 and European campaigns of the Russian army in 1813-1814. Was distinguished in Borodino battle and awarded St. Anna order of the 3d degree for this. Was awarded St. Anna order of the 2d degree for Kulma battle. Was married to Sophia (1800-1880), illegitimate daughter of Platon Zubov.