Lot 170
30 00050 000
Designed by Shchekatikhina-Pototskaya (1920), painted by M. P. Kirillova, State Porcelain Factory, painted in 1923 Blank of the Imperial Porcelain Factory. 1908. Porcelain, polychromatic overglaze painting, gilding in matte and burnished gold Marks: stencilled green underglaze mark ‘H II’ for Nicholas II under a crown and date – 1908; hand painted black overglaze marks: hammer, sickle, and cog; inscribed in Cyrillic and numbered 5; dated 1918–1923; painter’s signature in Cyrillic ‘after the design of A. Shchekatikhina’, monogram: ‘M.K‘, production mark: 554 / 7 . Diameter – 26 cm