THE “TITANIC” 7 press cuttings, some illustrated

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Collection of clippings from English and American newspapers and magazines of the time on the sinking of the Titanic and the main protagonists. Including the supplement to the magazine “The Sphere”, May 25,1912 “The now world-famous iceberg which slew the “Titanic”. How the “Titanic” sank …” and a press page of the time announcing: “1.726 is the death toll of the wreck of the giant ship. True story but it increases horror of the awful catastrophe….” analyzing this terrible news. In the night of April 14 to 15, 1912. During its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, following a collision with an iceberg, the British transatlantic liner “Titanic” sinks in the North Atlantic Ocean. The largest ship ever built until then, about 1500 people lost their lives in the sinking.