KAHLO FRIDA (1907-1954)

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P.S. “Frida Kahlo” partly autographed, Mexico 19 December 1941. 1 page in-4, form printed with “Foreign Service of the United States of America” letterhead, “original” stamp at the top of the form, ink stamp of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and tax stamp at the bottom of the page. Written in English. Declaration of shipment to the United States of one of his works entitled “Still Life”, countersigned by Marc L. Severe, Vice-Consul of the United States in Mexico. Frida Kahlo certifi es that she is the author of one oil painting, “Still Life”, size 65 centimeters (diameter) - that the said painting is an original - price $300 - carried by Miss Paulette GODDARD by plane, post of entry: Brownsville (Texas). Then designated as a “Still Life “, this declaration concerns her circular painting “The Basket of Flowers” (Still Life with Hummingbird), which she painted in 1941 for the American actress Paulette GODDARD (1910-1990). Frida Kahlo had just remarried Diego Rivera (after their divorce in 1938). In 1941, she met Paulette, Diego’s mistress for a time, and they became friends. This painting symbolizes their relationship. In offering the painting to Paulette, Frida explains : “The hummingbird represents the free but fragile Frida, the blue butterfl y is a refl ection of the beauty of the actress and the bumblebee is Diego.”