GROSZ (GEORGE) 1893-1959

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Autograph letter with signature of the German artist. November 30, 1944, signed “George”. 1 p. in-4°. (top margin sharply trimmed). To “Dear Bridget”, probably a former student who sent him “chippings”. “… I tell you, I was delighted with your “comic strip” and I think your drawings are very nice and in the right “spirit” of the thing. You should absolutely continue this work – do you do the captions yourself too – all Achtung ! ….”. In 1922 Grosz travelled to Russia with the writer Martin Andersen Nexø. Upon their arrival in Murmansk, they were briefl y arrested as spies; after their credentials were approved, they were allowed to meet with Grigory Zinoviev, Anatoly Lunacharsky, and Vladimir Lenin. Grosz’s six-month stay in the Soviet Union left him unimpressed by what he had seen. He ended his membership in the German Communist Party in 1923, although his political positions were little changed.