FERRAND JACQUES (1943-2007) Les princes Youssoupoff & les comtes Soumarokoff-Elston

Lot 480
Les princes Youssoupoff & les comtes Soumarokoff-Elston: Chronique et photographies; Av.-prop. du prince Michel F. Romanoff. Paris, 1991. Princes Yusupov and counts Sumarokov-Elston / Preface by Grand Duke M.F. Romanov. Paris, 1991. - [2], 304 p.: ill., facs., portr., map.; 30 cm. In the illustrated publishing cover. Excellent state of preservation. The work of the French genealogist, Jacques Ferrand, who continued the work of N.F. Ikonnikov. For 35 years, Ferrand has been communicating with Russian emigrants of the first wave and their descendants, collecting scattered genealogical information.