VOINOVICH V. N. (1932-2018), AUTOGRAPH The life and unusual adventures of soldier Ivan Chonkin: a novel-anecdote

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[AUTHOR'S COPY with handwritten edits]. Vol. 1: Inviolable: [in 2 parts]. No place, no year. - [1], 121, 161 p.; 29x21 cm. Typewriting. At the end of the text by hand: 1963-1970. Handwritten author's edits along the text, grammatical and stylistic, and individual text fragments have been replaced (new fragments pasted). In the owner's calico binding. Pagination errors. The first and most famous book of the trilogy (later called "the inviolable Person") was written in 1963-1969. It was published in" samizdat " and clandestinely reprinted and distributed in the USSR. The first part was published (without the author's permission) in 1969 in Frankfurt Main, and the entire book was published in Paris in 1975. In the late 1960s, Voinovich began to take part in human rights activities, which led to persecution of the writer by the authorities. For this activity and satirical representation of Soviet reality in 1974, he was expelled from the Union of writers of the USSR. In 1980 he went to Germany by the invitation of the Bavarian Academy, and in 1981 by the initiative of the Soviet power he was deprived of his Soviet citizenship (in 1990 it was given back by a decree of M. Gorbachev).