TEFFI NADEZHDA (1872-1952), AUTOGRAPH La Lumiere des Humbles; traduit du russe par G. Barbizan et Bl. Escassut.

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Paris: Nouvelles Editions Latines, 1946. The light of the humble; translated from Russian. Paris, 1946. - 5-206 p.; 18,5x12, 5 cm. In a typeface publishing cover. Good preservation. Tears along the edges of the spine and cover. Loss of pages 1-4 at the beginning of the block (tit. p. is preserved). The author’s inscription on the first free sheet: «M. G. Aleksinsky! Ayez pitié de votre amie Teffi» («Mr. G. Aleksinsky! Forgive your friend Teffi»). Teffi (Nadezhda Alexandrovna Lokhvitskaya; 1872-1952) was a Russian writer and poet, memoirist, translator, employee of the famous humorous magazine «Satyricon»; sister of the poet Mirra Lokhvitskaya. Favorite writer of Emperor Nicholas II. She emigrated after the revolution. Provenance: Archive of G. Aleksinsky.