LARIONOV MIKHAIL (1881-1964), AUTOGRAPH Gontcharova. Larionow: L'art decoratif theatral moderne

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Gontcharova. Larionow: L'art decoratif theatral moderne. Paris, La Cible, 1919. Goncharova. Larionov: Modern theatrical and decorative art. Paris: Mishen, 1919. - 7-18 p.: ill.; 16 l. Il. 48x32, 5 cm. [Full set of illustrations]. 8 pochoirs, 8 il. p., 5 of which of chromolithography (6 pochoirs and 4 color illustrations by Larionov; 2 pochoirs and 4 color illustrations by Goncharova), reproductions along the text. The total circulation is 515 copies, of which 100 are De Luxe, on special paper and signed by artists. 15 copies are not for sale. Copy №121. In the illustrated publishing folder. The sheet with the list of illustrations in the text. Scuffs, stains over the folder. 8 pochoirs are placed intoframes. Pochoir (fr. pochoir - "stencil"), painting over a stencil - a method of manual template printing, tinting an engraving or drawing through "Windows" cut in the paper. A high qualification of master is required for both- to make stencil drawings and its subsequent coloring. The circulation of hand-made stencil reproductions usually does not exceed three hundred and four hundred copies, in rare cases reaching up to five hundred. The author of the text is Valentin Yakovlevich Parnakh (1891-1951). The publication includes two of the most famous drawings from this album, "Mechanical peacock costume" by Larionov and "Spanish costume" by Goncharova, related to the unfulfilled productions in Diaghilev's entreprise, in which both artists worked immediately after leaving Russia. Mikhail Larionov's gift inscription on the first free sheet: "to my Dear Kaplun from M. Larionov / in memory of our meetings in Paris [illegibly] ballet and so on - October 16, 1919"". Boris Gitmanovich Kaplun (1894-1937), the nephew of M.S. Uritsky, a friend of G.E. Zinoviev and tutor of his children, at twenty-five years old he became the Manager of the Petrograd Soviet, was reputed to be an admirer of the arts and ballet in particular. He helped many writers, playing a peculiar role as a sponsor of the Petrograd Bohemia, and made certain efforts to prevent the closure of the Mariinsky theater, where a special box was assigned to it in gratitude. He also took the initiative to open the first crematorium in Petrograd. Husband of the Russian prima ballerina O.A. Spesivtseva.