TSVETAEVA M.I. (1892-1941) After Russia: 1922-1925: [Poems].

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Paris: [I. E. Povolotzky, 1928]. - 153, [9] p.; 19x12 cm. Total circulation - 500 copies, of which the first 100 did not go on sale. In publishing cover. Minor scuffing of the edges of the cover and tears of the spine. The collection includes 160 poems written in the first three years of the poet's life in exile (1922-Berlin; 1922-1925-Prague). The book became one of the most significant stages of Tsvetaeva's poetic work, and also turned out to be the last lifetime edition of the poetess. In her letter to M. Gorky in October 1927, Tsvetaeva writes about the release of her book: "If You could somehow arrange its access to Russia, it would be wonderful (there is no politics in it) and the thing would return to its homeland. No one needs it here, but in Russia they still remember me" (Novy Mir. 1969. No. 4. P. 200). In Russia the book was published only in 1990. Bibliography: Rozanov. No. 4239; Turchinsky. P. 571, Tamizdat. No. 90. The last lifetime edition of the poetess. Bibliographic rarity.