DENIKIN A.I. (1872-1947)

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1) Membership card №912 of Saint Georgiy Chevalier Award of the Odessa military district issued in the name of A. I. Denikin. Given on May 26, 1917 in Odessa. 11,2x11, 7 cm. Stamped and signed by chairman and secretary. 2) Denikin A. I. Who saved the Soviet authority from death. Paris, 1937. 3) Denikin A. I. Russian question in the Far East. Paris, 1932. 36 p. 21.5 x 13.5 cm. Under the editor’s cover. The first edition. General A. I. Denikin (1872-1947) - hero of the Russian- Japanese War and the World War I, General- Lieutenant of the General Army Commandment. One of the most effective generals of the Russian Imperial Army during the World War I. One of the main leaders of the White movement in Civil war years, its leader in Russian South (1918-1920). Initiator and one of the main organizers and afterwards commander of the Russian Volunteer Army (1918-1919). Chief commander of the Armed Forces of Russian South (1919- 1920), Deputy Supreme Commander of the Russian Army under the admiral Kolchak. Since April 1920 being in emigration, he became one of the main political figures of the Russian emigration. In the end of 1945 he moved to USA being afraid of the forced deportation to the USSR.