GANO ADOLF (1804-1887) Full course of physics with a brief overview of meteorological phenomena

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Full course of physics with a brief overview of meteorological phenomena: [in 2 parts] / A. Gano, prof. of phys.-math. sciences; transl. from the French. by F. Pavlenkov and V. Cherkasov. - 9th ed., sign. suppl. SPb.: print. partn. 'Public benefit' and Y. N. Ehrlich, 1898. - [4], 521, 526, XIV p.: Il., 2 p.; 25x17, 5 cm. 1450 reprinting stamps, 2 colored tables of spectra and 132 practical assignments with their solutions are attached to the course. In a semi-leather cover of the time. Gold embossed spine. Careful restoration of the binding. The title of Adolf Gano's book 'The complete course of physics' was carved on the grave of the famous publisher Florenty Fedorovich Pavlenkov (1839-1900), to whom it became the first published book in his coming brilliant career of the publisher. This textbook was reprinted 10 time. The last time in 1909. It was translated from French by F. F. Pavlenkov together with V. D. Cherkasov. After its first publication in 1866 he gave his money to continue the started work. The choice was successful. The book matched the 'spirit of the time' with its increased interest towards the natural sciences. The textbook remained the best manual for self-study of physics throughout the second half of the XIX century.