FROM THE BOOKS OF P.A. EFREMOV (1830-1908) Monuments of ancient Russian literature, published by count Grigory Kushelev-Bezborodko: in 4 releases. SPb.: print.

Lot 385
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P. A. Kulish, 1860-1862. Releases 1-2: Tales, legends, stories, fairy tales and parables. 1860. - [3], III, p. 484; cm. 33х25. In semi-leather bound of the time. Scuffed binding, small cracks and loss of fragments of the spine, fox stains. Bookplate P. A. Efremov on the front flyleaf. Bibliography: Sm-Sok. №2312; N. B. №423; Gennadi. V. II. P. 206; Ulianinski. №118: «rare in full form, because the first two releases are difficult to find». Provenance: Peter A. Efremov (1830-1908) - bibliophile, bibliographer, editor, literary researcher, publisher and commentator on the works of Russian classics