GOLITSYN A.I. (1765-1807), AUTOGRAPH Ode to His Imperial Majesty the Great Sovereign Alexander Pavlovich, the Autocrat of All Russia, for his all-pleasant accession to the throne: [manuscript].

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N.p., [1801]. [10] p.; 22,5x19,5 cm. Text of the Ode is written by a literary clerk hand. With A.I. Golitsyn’s signature: «Lieutenant Colonel Prince Alexey Golitsyn brings with his greatest honor» on the page 3. Golden edge. The top field of the first page is cut off. Published: M.: Gubern. print. of Andrei Reshetnikov, 1801. - [2], 8 p. Prince Golitsyn Alexei Ivanovich (1765-1807) - Prime Major, writer and translator. From 1779 he served in Izmailovo regiment, participated in the second Russian-Turkish war, retired as lieutenant colonel.