SEMENOV G.M. (1890-1946) Typewritten letter addressed to the Kuban military ataman gen. Naumenko.

Lot 344
January 25, 1929 1 p. 27x20, 5 cm. Without signature. The letter concerns the Russian workers and Peasants' Cossack Opposition or Russian Fascists, organized in late 1926-early 1927 by the Kuban Cossack P. S. Kovgan in Harbin: "Concerning the question you are interested in about the Kuban Kovgan, I can say one thing: that he is undoubtedly an anti-Bolshevik. Basically correctly looking into the future. The same oddities you saw in his literature are a direct consequence of the activities of the local monarchical groups belonging to the spheres of the deceased Grand Duke Nikolay Nikolaevich. The organization of the "Workers', Peasants', and Cossack opposition "really exists both abroad and on the territory of the USSR. In fact it was me who invited Kovgan, and I am aware of his activities." Grigory Mikhailovich Semenov (1890-1946) - Cossack ataman, white movement leader in Transbaikalia and in the Far East, Lieutenant General of the White army.