CHELISHCHEV P.F. (1898-1957), AUTOGRAPH Handwritten letter addressed to the artist's personal doctor A. Sarbat in new York.

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August 5, 1952. 2 p. s. Sent from Italy. With the original envelope. Signed: "as before Pavlik". In the letter, he provides detailed information on his health status: "My dearest friend! I lose my consciousness again. I've had two gallbladder attacks and my blood pressure is now only 95 out of 125!!! It's awfully hot here, but there's always a light breeze in some places in my house. At home 80° F. I called a doctor (local)...". Pavel Fedorovich Chelishchev (1898-1957) - Russian artist, the founder of mystical surrealism 9 years before its appearance with Salvador Dali.