KROPOTKIN P.A. (1842-1921), AUTOGRAPH A handwritten letter addressed to publisher Paul Gallimard.

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Viola (Kent), May 14, 1896. On one folded page; 18x11,5 cm. In French. Kropotkin offers his publisher a scientific work on the glaciers of Finland, which he had written in full while being imprisoned in the Peter and Paul fortress in St. Petersburg. He also forwards a draft of a lecture on anarchism. He informs that he has two manuscripts of Bakunin ('Program of the Society of the international revolution' and 'God and State'), which he would like to publish. Kropotkin P. A. (1842-1921) - Russian revolutionary anarchist, geographer and geomorphologist. Researcher of the tectonic structure of Siberia, Central Asia and the ice age. A well-known historian, philosopher and publicist, the creator of the ideology of anarcho-communism and one of the most influential theorists of anarchism.